Your Website Can Perform Better with LeadPoint Landing Pages

The Internet is a dynamic entity that is constantly changing. As the Internet evolves, businesses who advertise online have to adapt by changing both the design and functionality of their websites. Changes to search engine algorithms are some of the most relevant changes on the Internet for businesses that want to drive traffic to their websites. Where your business’s website ranks on popular search engines–such as Google–is a primary determining factor in how much traffic your site will receive and how successful your digital marketing efforts will be. There is extreme competition among websites to rank as high as possible on the results pages of popular search engines.

Making sure that your business’s website earns and maintains a high ranking on popular search engines requires consistently adapting to shifts in popular search engines’ algorithms and then making changes to your site in response to shifts in these algorithms. Investing part of your digital marketing budget into LeadPoint landing pages is currently a very relevant and successful way to help your business’s website rank higher on Google and other popular search engines.

Keep reading to learn how incorporating LeadPoint landing pages into your business’s website can help drive traffic to your site and increase the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is part of a specific digital marketing campaign. Landing pages are standalone web pages that are part of your website but are designed around a specific campaign or offer that your business is currently running.

For example, when a potential customer clicks on a specific link to your website that they see on Google Ads, they will be navigated to the landing page that is relevant to the link they originally clicked.

Landing pages offer potential customers information about the campaign in which they have shown interest by clicking a link to the landing page. Each landing page includes a single call-to-action that is designed to draw in potential customers and increase your conversion rate.

What Makes LeadPoint Landing Pages Different?

Landing pages change consistently because they are linked to specific digital marketing campaigns. It can be difficult for many businesses to keep up with updating their landing pages, which can negatively impact their traffic and conversion rates.

Using LeadPoint landing pages makes keeping up with landing pages for your business’s website easier, and these unique landing pages are also more effective than traditional landing pages at increasing your conversion rate. Every LeadPoint landing page has its own unique design and each page is designed to earn specific products you offer on your website a spot on the first page of popular search engines.

LeadPoint landing pages are informative, engaging, dynamic, and rich in media These uniquely-designed landing pages effortlessly draw in the attention of potential customers to increase your conversion rate and improve the success of your business as a whole.

Results from LeadPoint Landing Pages

Statistics show that replacing your website’s traditional landing pages with LeadPoint landing pages can increase your digital marketing efficiency by an average of 10%. Incorporating LeadPoint landing pages into your website can also lead to a 20% increase in your online leads.

Plus, LeadPoint landing pages significantly lower website’s landing page bounce rates because they immediately draw in the attention of potential customers and then keep these customers engaged and eager to explore the rest of your business’s website.

How to Get LeadPoint Landing Pages for Your Website

LeadPoint landing pages are offered by Orca Site Technologies. They can be curated specifically for automotive websites depending on the needs of your business.

Beginning the process of incorporating LeadPoint landing pages into your website with the help of Orca Site Technologies requires nothing more than a five-minute session to get started.